Microgaming Mobile Slots

Microgaming has and always will be the number one software developer of casino games for the internet. They have continued to improve on their previous standards, offering their players a new experience each month of the year. They are the only software developers who release multiple new casino games every month of the year with improvements being made on each release. They were one of the very first developers to have faith in the mobile gambling market and they were one of the first who developed software for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android Phones and Android Tablets.

The mobile gambling industry has grown at rates no one ever expected. Every day thousands of people are registering player accounts around the world with a mobile casino of their choosing. Mobile punters want their gambling experience quick as the struggle of today’s life style is that everyone is constantly busy. Microgaming created their mobile software a couple years back and released some of their most classic slots on their new mobile software. Slots such as Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck 2, Mega Moolah and many more made their way to the mobile stage. Players from around the globe rejoiced as they could finally enjoy their favorite online slots on the go, no longer would they have to wait to get home in order to play.

There is two dominating forces in the mobile phone/mobile tablet industry. Android and Apple have fought with one another for more than six years now. They both continue to release multiple mobile devices a year in order to see who will come up on top. Apple with their iPhone and iPad line ups have always been able to beat android in gross sales. Apple products are a luxury that take a lot of dollars out of your pocket, the luxurious feeling you gain when using one of these products is what has allowed them to dominate the mobile phone/tablet industry. Android does offer incredible tablets and mobile phones though, you can receive android phones that are water proof and allow you to swim with them. You can get android phones that can recognize your voice when in danger, can read your facial features and so much more. The technology that derives from Android and Apple has set a mark on what we expect with our mobile phones. When you use an Apple device though your gambling experience is increased tenfold. The quality of the mobile casino games look better, the games run smoother and due to more people playing the bonuses are better.

Microgaming offers their mobile software to all of their licensees allowing for multiple different mobile Microgaming casinos such as All Slots Casino, Betway Casino, 32 Red, Cabaret Club Casino and Royal Vegas. These four online casinos now offer their services in the mobile format all you have to do today is register a player account with one of theseĀ  mobile casinos, deposit some money and start gambling away. You won’t be disappointed with your mobile gambling experience.

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